Knox Chandler’s career has spanned for over three decades, including performing, recording, arranging and producing, with such acts as REM, Depeche Mode, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithful, Natalie Merchant, The Creatures, and The Golden Palominos etc.. His long stints as a member of The Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Cyndi Lauper‘s band; has given Knox the experience of a worldwide touring musician. Knox attended Bard College in the late 70’s. He was regarded as a brilliant musician who was willing to experiment. After graduating from college with honors in composition and performance his professional career took off. Recent shows with X-Patsy’s (Robert Longo, Barbara Sukowa), J.G.Thirwell, Butterfly Percussion Parade (Budgie, Mabi, Sugizo, Leonard Eto) and his solo guitar performances demonstrate his current importance in contemporary music. He has recently scored a documentary-installation at the Deutsches Historisches Museum.





























2010 Devouring Time Barbara Sukowa Guitar (Electric)
2009 Tsuker-Zis Frank London Electronics, Guitar
2008 Bring Ya to the Brink Cyndi Lauper Guitar, Main Personnel
2008 Mirror Mirror Accompaniment
2008 Strange Scars Julia Brown Ambience, Bass, Guitar (Electric), Sonics
2007 Dreamshow: Live at the Royal Festival Hall with the Millennia Ensemble Siouxsie and the Banshees Guitar
2007 The Pirate of Eel Pie Joy Askew Guitar (Electric)
2007 Watch the Fireworks Emma Pollock Guitar
2006 What the Sea Wants, the Sea Will Have Sarah Blasko Guitar, Guitar (Tremolo), Guitar Effects, Main Personnel
2005 All of My Friends Goat Guitar (Baritone), Guitar (Electric)
2004 Shine Cyndi Lauper Guitar, Cello
2004 Electro Wave Composer
2004 Electro-Mode: An Electro Tribute to Depeche Mode Composer
2004 Labels Series Composer
2004 Live Monsters David Gahan Composer, Guitar
2004 More Talk About Tonight Slang Guitar (Electric), Guitar Loops
2003 Bottle Living [Pal DVD Single] David Gahan Programming
2003 Bottle Living [UK CD #1] David Gahan Composer
2003 Bottle Living [UK CD #2] David Gahan Composer, Programming
2003 Bottle Living [US CD] David Gahan Composer, Programming
2003 Different Stripe Cheryl Wheeler Guitar
2003 Dirty Sticky Floors [UK CD #1] David Gahan Composer, Producer, Programming
2003 Dirty Sticky Floors [UK CD #2] David Gahan Composer, Programming
2003 Dirty Sticky Floors [US CD] David Gahan Composer, Producer, Programming
2003 Dreamspeed/Blindlight 1992-1994 Anton Fier Guitar, Main Personnel
2003 Godskitchen: Worldwide Composer
2003 Great Wall Paul Oakenfold Composer
2003 I Need You David Gahan Composer, Producer, Programming
2003 Paper Monsters David Gahan Bass, Cello, Composer, Dulcimer, Guitar, Keyboards,Programming, Sampling, String Arrangements,


2003 7 year Itch Siouxsie and the Banshees Guitar
2003 Different Stripe Cheryl Wheeler Guitar
2003 Rock Island Bethany Yarrow Arranger, Dulcimer, Guitar, Producer, Programming,Sounds, Strings
2003 Stolen Beauty Lori Carson Composer
2003 The Sound of Renaissance, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 Ben Green Ben Green Guest Artist, Guitar (Electric)
2002 Lane Change Preston Clarke Cello, Guitar
2002 Sunflower Darden Smith Cello, Guitar (Electric)
2002 Thinking Room Anika Moa Bass, Guitar (Electric), Mandolin
2001 Cydonia Suite The Swingin’ Tetrahedrons Guitar Effects
2001 Exciter Depeche Mode Cello, Soloist, String Arrangements
2001 Greatest Hits The Psychedelic Furs Composer, Guitar
2001 House in the Weeds Lori Carson Composer
2001 Mass Amanda Thorpe Guest Artist
2000 Green World Dar Williams Guitar, Cello (Electric)
2000 5/5/00 Skurj Composer
2000 Extra Extra Darden Smith Engineer, Guitar (Electric)
2000 Professional Murder Music Professional Murder Music Cello
2000 Things You Should Leave Alone Puracane Guitar
1999 A Cheap and Evil Girl Bree Sharp Bass, Guitar
1999 Anima Animus The Creatures Guitar
1999 Falling Forward Willy Porter Cello, Guitar, Guitar Loops
1999 Klezmer Festival 1998: Live at the Knitting Factory Cello
1999 Radio One Sessions The Psychedelic Furs Cello, Guitar
1998 Lilith 98 Natalie Merchant Guitar, Cello, Keys
1997 Absence of Time Blind Light Guitar
1997 Closed on Account of Rabies: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Guitar
1997 Everything I Touch Runs Wild Lori Carson Bass, Composer, Guest Artist, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric)
1997 Love Is a Dog from Hell Maggie Estep Arranger, Bass, Cello, Composer, Guitar, Loops,Producer, Programming, Sampling, Screams, Toy Piano
1997 Rule 62 Rule 62 Cello
1997 Should God Forget: A Retrospective The Psychedelic Furs Guitar, Cello
1997 Spaces: A Journey into Ambient Worlds Guitar
1997 Life Behind TV Akiko Yano, Jeff Bova Guitar
1996 Beezer Beatnik Filmstars Composer
1996 Dead Inside The Golden Palominos Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), U
1996 Distill Divination Guitar
1996 Dreadful Sorry Parlor James Cello
1996 His Master’s Bones Gary Windo Composer, Guitar
1996 Unstoppable Valerie Ghent Cello, Guitar
1995 ”New Skin” Showgirls Soundtrack Siouxsie and the Banshees Guitar
1995 Dangerous Inventions Guitar, Performer, Primary Artist
1995 Gawd Gawk Electronics, Guitar
1995 Last of the Good Straight Girls Susan Werner Cello, Guitar (Electric)
1995 Where It Goes Lori Carson Ambience, Bass, Cello, Guitar
1994 Love Spit Love Love Spit Love Composer
1994 Big Horizon David Wilcox Guitar (Electric)
1994 Emotional Rain Lee Aaron Guitar
1994 Groovement Monday Michiru Guitar
1994 Harbinger Paula Cole Cello
1994 No More Mister Nice Girl Maggie Estep Cello
1994 Pure The Golden Palominos Group Member, Guitar (Electric)
1994 Somewhat Slightly Dazed Jeffrey Gaines Guitar (Electric)
1993 Little Victories Darden Smith Guitar (Electric)
1992 Automatic for the People R.E.M. Cello
1991 Until She Comes The Psychedelic Furs Guitar, Cello
1991 World Outside The Psychedelic Furs Guitar, Cello
1985 Deep Water Gary Windo Arranger, Composer, Guitar, Producer
1982 New Jersey Joe Piscopo Vocals (Background)



Knox Chandler




1976-1980  // Bard College , Annondale-on-Hudson, NY                                           

Degree of Bachelor  of Arts with Honors





see my discography here


Touring    //  guitar, bass, cello, keys                                                    


The Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie and the Banshees,

Cyndi Lauper, Dave Gahan, Ultra Vivid Scene,

Natalie Merchant, The Creatures, Marianne Faithful etc.


 Television Appearances                                                            


The Tonight Shoe, Saturday Night Live,

The David Letterman Show, The View,

The Martha Stewart Show, VH1 live, VH1 Divas, The Carson Daley Show, MTV (many), Good Morning America,

Austin City Limits, The Avo Sessions,The Conan O’Brien Show etc.



2014// The Parcel

Composer, Arranger, Instrumentalist

2013 // Fontana Promenade

Composer, Arranger, Instrumentalist

2012 // Porcupine Hugs                                                                                          

Composer, Arranger, Instrumentalist

2011-2012 // Greetings From Tim Buckley                                                                     

Musical Director, Composer, Actor, Guitar Coach

1999 // Final Rinse

Composer, Arranger, Instrumentalist


Teacher of Music Composition, Performance and Recording // 2009-present

Road Recovery, New York City, New York

JBFCS (Jewish Board of Family Children Services) Hawthorne, New York


 Private guitar lessons  // 1974-present



Composer of Music for Advertising/Commercial // 1981-present

music production houses

Elias Arts, Human, Pirate Music, Dandelion, JSM, etc.




Professional skills and experience

studio and touring multi-instrumentalist guitar/cello/bass

composer, producer, arranger, string arranger, programmer, engineer, musical director