Knox Chandler’s career has spanned for over three decades, including performing, recording, arranging and producing, with such acts as REM, Depeche Mode, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithful, Natalie Merchant, The Creatures, and The Golden Palominos etc.. His long stints as a member of The Psychedelic Furs, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Cyndi Lauper‘s band; has given Knox the experience of a worldwide touring musician. Knox attended Bard College in the late 70’s. He was regarded as a brilliant musician who was willing to experiment. After graduating from college with honors in composition and performance his professional career took off. Recent shows with X-Patsy’s (Robert Longo, Barbara Sukowa), J.G.Thirwell, Butterfly Percussion Parade (Budgie, Mabi, Sugizo, Leonard Eto) and his solo guitar performances demonstrate his current importance in contemporary music. He has recently scored a documentary-installation at the Deutsches Historisches Museum.